Shiatsu as well as deep sports massage is used to stimulate or sedate the meridian system of the body. This oriental technique applies pressure to specific "pressure points" on the body to improve the flow of energy by releasing blocked Chi.
Experience our Acupressure treatment with aromatherapy oils, which based on ancient practice of utilizing essential oils, heal the body by "therapeutically" stimulating the nasal/olfactory senses, mental responses, circulatory and respiratory functions. Essential oils penetrate deeply into the tissues amplifying the benefits of the massage itself.
Experience our skin invigorating scrub that exfoliates dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth and renewed with a neatly glow! Following the scrub, you will be introduced to our oriental technique the shiatsu our deep sports massage which is known for its specific and effective pressure point to the body.
*** Available for women only ***
Reasons why "Red Clay Sauna" is healthy
  1. The clay contains great quantity of oxygen which is caused by emission of the unit infrared ray. The substances emitted from the heated Red Clay will remove the toxic superannuation from the human body and reproduce younger looking skin.
  2. The Red Clay Sauna boosts metabolism and the body quickly recovers from fatigue.
  3. The Red Clay is effective in treating inflammation, abscess, and fever.
An ancient Egyptian, Chinese and Indian therapy, which focuses on specific reflex points on the bottom of the feet, which corresponds to specific parts of the body. Using acupressure techniques to stimulate these points brings about self-healing and balance to the body. Reflexology can help eliminate toxins, relax the entire body, and stimulate healthy functioning internal organs.